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A Killer Diary
A Killer Diary

Seldom has the average person glimpsed into the mind of a serial killer. As you read the diary of a madman, you learn just what makes someone lose their grip on reality. If you dare, prepare yourself for the unthinkable. Follow a man from childhood along his path of destruction. All the way to an ending you never saw coming.

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ACT 42-7
ACT 42-7

Have you ever wondered what the government is hiding from you? The people of Earth possessed no inkling until a select few received an executive order to gather in undisclosed locations around the planet. Rumors and rumblings passed from one person to another but no stood fully prepared for the shocking truth. Until the day human kind actually needed it, only a handful understood the repercussions of Act 42-7. Now one question remains: How in the world had it come to this?

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Precedent of Justice - Kindle
Precedent of Justice - Digital Copy

Precedent of Justice is now in digital format. Even though I am proud to put out my first novel in paperback, I remain disappointed in some of the editing and other mistakes made in the book. In order to gain more control in the final result, I started over again. Now I am proud to offer my first novel in digital format for anyone who might be interested. Thanks again for your encouragement, hopefully more people will now have the opportunity to enjoy Precedent of Justice as I intended.

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Precedent of Justice Cover
Precedent of Justice

Precedent of Justice by Patrick R. Raley is an excellent read. There are enough unexpected twists and turns in this mystery to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. This is a page-turner I could not put it down until I had read every word...Anthony and Mary's love is heartwarming and brought tears to my eyes. The slowly budding romance between Nancy and Charlie was delightful. This book has a surprise ending. Fans of mystery will not want to miss Precedent of Justice.
Debra Gaynor,

If you had any small interest in suspense or mysteries then prepare to have a quench that will have you wanting more. This well scripted novel amazed me with how well the author made all the characters easy to relate with, and easy to visualize. Being a major reader of mysteries and novels I tend to be some what strict, but I only have one complaint that the book does not yet have a sequel. Last I wish that all who read this wonderful novel leave their reviews.
Joshua W., reader of over 100 mystries

The book was awesome. I agree with the reviews you have quoted on your website. I look forward to reading your future books.
A Reader from Bossier City, LA

I've just started, and cannot put it down. I am excited to know that Bossier City has born a great author.
A Reader from Slidell, LA

The next "John Grisham"
Publisher's Weekly

Brilliant, tightly woven and exciting
Midwest Book Review

Mr. Raley had my full attention from the very start. This story should be made into a movie, it would be topper on the box office charts for sure. Great detail and believable events proves that Mr. Raley has the skilled hands of a talented writer. When I got to the very last chapter of this book, my jaw literally dropped, a surprise ending caught me completely off guard. This is a 5 heart review all the way! Mystery/Suspense lovers out there need to add a copy of Precedent Of Justice to your library.
Crystal- Reviews By Crystal

Patrick Raley's debut novel to me seems like a cross between The Da Vinci Code and perhaps The Rainmaker. Although at the same time, there is no comparison . . . Precedent fits in a class of its own.

Book Synopsis

The Constitutional guarantee of a trial by jury has created its share of controversy. Judges are forced to sit and watch as skilled attorneys cast spells of reasonable doubt over jurors in order to set free the most obviously guilty of defendants. Detective Charlie Peppers searches through scarce clues and a myriad of diverse suspects in a quest for the truth. Along the way he not only pieces together a case, but also a personal life. Follow the investigation from the end, back to the beginning, and then back to the end. As additional evidence gathers and the answers become clearer, justice becomes more diluted. With a system that gives devious criminals the benefit of the doubt, can there ever be a precedent of justice?

Blu Phi'er Publishing will donate a portion of the profits from each copy of this book sold to benefit our fellow Louisianans who were devastated by Hurricane Katrina

About Patrick
Patrick Raley was born in Bossier City, Louisiana and raised in the nearby town of Haughton. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering from Louisiana Tech University. After four years of working as an engineer, he decided to pursue a Master's Degree in Education. He is currently teaching mathematics at a local high school and college. He currently resides in Haughton with his wife and their son.

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